UX / UI Design

Interaction design? Information architecture? wireframes and prototypes? Tone of Voice analysis? Visual design? Get in touch and let's find out what you need to improve your user experience.

Usability reviews

Don't have time or equipment for full-on user testing? Get an expert to review your site for usability issues. What's in it for you? Concrete, practical issues to fix that will increase user engagement. All issues come with a "why" - grounded in rational explanations and current best practices.

Creative challenger

Do you need an outsider with a fresh perspective to step in and challenge your assumptions and preconceptions? Let's turn things upside-down, or around, or whatever! An outsider with no stake in a project can dramatically change your framing of a situation or a problem.

Ideation workshops

Creativity is a fundamental human capacity, and one that we all have and use all the time. A lot of people just don't know it, and have trouble being creative. Let's meet up for a workshop! I provide the know-how about creativity and innovation, as well as the tools & techniques - you provide the people and the domain knowledge. Together, we'll come up with the ideas.