My friends Nina and Per-Erik asked if I would help out with a small logo for their demo group "Cellfish" - which of course is always a fun thing.

Process-wise, I did what I usually do to get started: pick up pen and pencil, and come up with a bunch of sketches. Then wait a little while, and come up with some more 🙂

After I had maybe 40 or 50 different ideas, I picked the ones I thought could maybe work (or be made to work with a little more iteration), and left the choice up to them.

We had a little back-and-forth discussion about which idea to use and settled on the fishy-looking one in the bottom row, second from the right.

Nina and Per-Erik sent me the image above as an input about how cells look, because of an idea I had to use an actual cell for the eye. In many cases this turned out to be a little too "busy", so we went with a rather simplified version of cell.

a few colour options for the shirts