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Cellfish logo design

My friends Nina and Per-Erik asked if I would help out with a small logo for their demo group "Cellfish" - which of course is always a fun thing.

Process-wise, I did what I usually do to get started: pick up pen and pencil, and come up with a bunch of sketches. Then wait a little while, and come up with some more 🙂

After I had maybe 40 or 50 different ideas, I picked the ones I thought could maybe work (or be made to work with a little more iteration), and left the choice up to them.

We had a little back-and-forth discussion about which idea to use and settled on the fishy-looking one in the bottom row, second from the right.

Nina and Per-Erik sent me the image above as an input about how cells look, because of an idea I had to use an actual cell for the eye. In many cases this turned out to be a little too "busy", so we went with a rather simplified version of cell.

a few colour options for the shirts

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“Luggage” – a music disk for Amiga 500 in collaboration with Spaceballs

I spent a little time in December '18, working on the interface for "Luggage", an a500 music disk featuring 9 lug00ber mods. It's been a long time since I did any OCS/ECS graphics, so it was an interesting challenge.

Lug00ber, Slummy and myself discussed ideas for the UI, and ended up basing it off an AKAI S900 sampler from the 90s, since this hardware was one of the big influences on lug00bers music, and held a lot of nice nostalgia.

I had recently been messing around with Dan Fessler's method for producing pixel graphics on the C64, and wanted to try this out for Amiga OCS as well. It's a nice and simple workflow, where you can quickly knock out some relatively finished previews, and where it's also really easy to iterate.

Here are a few working stages / proposals for how the UI elements could be arranged:

I must say, I was also thoroughly impressed with how great it was to collaborate with both Slummy and Lug00ber.. it was super easy to go through iterations and agree on design decisions, and everybody would just "run with it", fixing whatever needed fixing.

Here's a version of the UI where Slummy has just gone ahead and taken one of my previews, and hax0red / converted the colours:

and here's Lug00bers handwritten note with song titles:

The final UI ended up looking like this (on the hardware):

This is what it looks like in a more clean version. It uses 26 colours + 3 for the cursor.


on a final note: I wanted the mouse cursor to be a disembodied finger - fortunately, the others talked me out of it =)

Here's how that would have looked, though:

Fire up your favourite Amiga emulator and check it out here - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=79660