Stofa app for Apple Tv

I was part of the core team that brought Stofa's Apple Tv solution to market in a year. My responsibilities included interaction design, visual design, user testing and aligning with partners in Germany, Romania and Denmark to ensure the solution reached the desired quality.

250.000 Stofa customers can access the platform from the Apple Store. 

miniEPG rework

A word on Process

Development of the app took about one year. We kicked off with a workshop to align everybody involved with regards to market fit, business requirements, and technical constraints. In the workshop we defined the full scope, and an MVP scope. This became our target for the first release, 7 months later.

All parts of the app were wireframed using Sketch and Invision, so we had a good idea of how everything would look and feel - although we did update the design as we learned more during the process. The interaction design was also described / documented, but as users of Invision will know, it does not allow the degree of detail that e.g. Axure does. This, along with unforeseen platform restrictions did lead to some diversions from the intended interaction design during implementation.

Thanks to an agile, iterative approach to development (using out-of-the-box Scrum) with daily builds and regular sprint reviews, we had the opportunity to quickly identify and correct / refine those aspects of the interaction design that didn't quite work.

Following the MVP release we conducted usability testing and identified some further details of the app that could be improved. We added our findings to the backlog and continued working on the remaining scope for release #2. This release hit the app store late 2017, and has received favourable reviews.

Currently we are working on the next update, which will feature additional improvements.