Bevar Ryggen

"Lift, push and pull better - to preserve your back"

This project by Branchearbejdsmilj√łr√•det (BAR) is a tool for people with physically demanding jobs such as movers, garbage men, warehouse workers and helpers for disabled people. The projects consists of a series of videos and downloadable guides with instructions for how to do repetitive, heavy or awkward lifting without hurting yourself.

Working closely with BARs internal consultant, this was a great opportunity (thank you!) to learn about many different domains where people share a similar problem. Check it out at - You could learn some helpful tips and tricks - I know I did!

Project lead: Imagic. Visual design by YESYES 


(Visual design by Henrik Juhl / YESYES)

A word on Process

The user pain was quite clear: people were experiencing pains because their job involves a lot of lifting and moving heavy objects around.

Right off the bat, there was no easy solution. People would need to change how they carried out their work - on the other hand there was huge potential because the benefit was equally clear: improved physical health.

To fulfil this potential, we opted for providing clear, simple and unambigious instructions to the users.

With the help of a BAR specialist in ergonomics and best practices, instruction videos and photos were shot - iterating many times, to get the details just right. Concise but detailed instructions were written, and illustrations were created to give users different "entry points" into the information.

All the material has been field tested on users, and the resulting feedback looped back into the instruction materials. The outcome of the project has been many people lifting, pushing and pulling - better!