Stofa cross-platform tv app

Stofa was the first Danish telco to launch a streaming tv platform. It has matured into a cross-platform solution with features such as Chromecast and Airplay, and a rich content library of movies, series and tv programs.

250.000 Stofa customers can access the platform from the Apple Store, Google Play, or through their browser 


A word on process

Stofa's WebTv platform was born in 2012. Management did not believe that tv on a smartphone was a good idea - at the time - but an in-house skunkworks team went ahead and did a working prototype anyway. Our mission: to put tv into people's pockets.

Once we got this prototype into the hands of real users, it quickly became obvious that we had something good on our hands. We found that users enjoy the convenience of always being able to tune in to watch live sports and news while on the go. Or while in the summer home. Or even while in the bathroom. In fact, it became a runaway success with the highest customer satisfaction scores we had ever seen. Management came round in the end :)

Since then, the platform has been further developed - sadly though, crucial and frankly basic UX activities such as usability testing and iterative improvement have been lacking. The platform has gradually fallen out of sync with user needs and expectations, which is reflected in today's customer satisfaction with the product.

This is a somewhat disheartening message, but it is important to reflect on both good and bad - and this story serves to underline an important learning: we found the right user need and developed a solution for it back in 2012. But that's not enough. Like with any product, you will need to stay up to date with user needs. You need to keep refining, testing and iterating if you want to stay ahead of the curve and create lasting business value.